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Fick ett pm.. (suicide vest)


Hey bud,

I would have just posted this in the BIS forums but I got banned :/ anyways I can't tell you how awesome I think the new pack is, I was playing around in the editor and was fighting some "malitia" rebels that I set up, one of which had the suicide vest. While i was moving through a town the soldier that had the vest on came running around a corner screaming " ALLAH AKBAR" and blew up killing me and a couple of friendly AI. I wanted to ask if it would be possible to make the vest detonate once it enters a trigger area to simulate a suicide bombing?

- Liam

Kul, så stort tack till figgehn och Head som beriktat vår SFP release.. på sikt får vi väl ordna en mer korrekt modell också Smile
Allauh Akbar!
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