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Task Force Radio Dev
October 22, 2018
New Pre-release 300

**Renamed Teamspeak Plugin to TFAR_winXX (From task_force_radio_winXX)**
**Renamed Modfolder to @TFAR (From @task_force_radio)**
Changed voice volume total to 200%
Changed Harder voice falloff at end of voice range
Fixed Don't localize 3den category classname
Fixed TFAR_OverrideActiveLRRadio implementation
Fixed AN/PRC-155 UI frequency unreadability @C0kkie
Fixed syntax error that broke moveWhileTabbedOut setting
Fixed potential failure to join TS channel if plugin is enabled after already ingame
Fixed Unsung Mod causing initialized radio types to show up in Arsenal @shukari
Fixed relay antennas not being considered when outside of radio range
Added defaultIntercomChannel setting and 3DEN Attribute
Added VehicleIDOverride 3DEN attribute
Fixed TFAR Relay Tower not showing up in Zeus
Fixed radio with 0.9 classname would spam inventory with new radios
Fixed bigger TFAR_globalRadioRangeCoef would decrease range instead of increasing
Added LR Radios to Tanks DLC vehicles
Changed plugin displayname to "Task Force Arrowhead Radio" (Instead of "Arma 3 Radio"Wink
Fixed Static Radio LR Speaker attribute
Added warning if different TS plugins are loaded at the same time
Added warning if TS Plugin is too old for current mod version
Changed name of deprecated items to clearly show they are deprecated.
Added OnFrequencyChanged Eventhandler (`"OnFrequencyChanged", [TFAR_currentUnit, _radio, _channel, _oldFrequency, _frequency]`)
Added OnFrequencyChangedFromUI Eventhandler (`"OnFrequencyChangedFromUI", [TFAR_currentUnit, _radio, _frequency] `)
Replaced Raise/Lower Headset hotkeys by a single toggle hotkey.

New Pre-release 301
Fixed radioList aggregating radios when remote controlling @ConArts
Fixed Raise/Lower Headset ACE Interactions not showing their name
Fixed TFAR not accepting plugin commands (caused by the namechange)
Fixed too low compressor threshold (Voices with TFAR enabled being considerably quieter as with TFAR disabled)

New Pre-release 302
Fixed unable to choose intercom channel
Reduced default Intercom Volume
Reduced default Radio Volume
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