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Arma Finland COOP - Fin-Swe Joint Op Part III
Our Battalions objective needs to remain clear on all stages of the mission,
The northen part of the Virojoki village, especially the northern most bridge (VT7 Road, the MSR) is our Company's primary objectives which will enable further operations for the Mechanized Battlegroup, which we are part of.

A) Our company will advance along the few roads available (when terrain permits).
B) We will use the more densely forested areas as in to provide cover for our infantry.
C) The Objectives ("Papa etc) are areas in which we try to reorganize and take a breather if necessary.
Don't believe the map, objectives DELTA and PAPA are in open terrain with firing lines up to 1km.
As stated, our Company will attempt to secure the bridge and the immediate surrounding area.(Good to note that the western part of virojoki village is in allied hands.)

Once on objective, Prepare to:
A) Repel enemy counterattack along VT7
B) Continue movement along VT7
C) Probe and Push our perimeter further out, along VT7.

Text from the mission briefing.sqf

Blufor is not allowed to move past blue border during safestart.
Black Kitbags in vehicles are reserved for toolkits only and are not allowed to be picked up for other purposes.

Otherwise play fair, be friendly for other players and enjoy!


MISSION SUCCESS: Battlegroup has retaken the east-end of the VIROJOKI bridge is able to defend it.

MISSION FAILURE Russian forces keep hold of the bridge.

Early summer 2020 Russian troops breached the Finnish border from four different locations, one of them being border crossing of Vaalimaa.
Finnish troops are currently being organized and some are already doing their best to halt the enemy's advance.
Platoon of mechanized infantry from Sweden was training with Finnish troops when attack commenced. A political decision was quickly made by swedish government to help its long time ally.

Light infantry battalion 72 has been able to halt russian mechanized infantry battalion at Virojoki bridge crossing but is running out of men and resources quickly.
The russian advance force is already looking for alternative options north of Virojoki.

A hasty decision to conduct a counter-attack has been made. FIN-SWE mechanized battlegroup has moved during the night to a forward position and is ready to attack with one MECHINF company.

However BG is not 100% ready. Only one artillery battery is ready to support. BG's tank company is still on its way and low on fuel.

The BG's mission is to destroy enemy forces and retake east-end of the Virojoki bridge and setup a defensive line.

Enemy's backbone are its three mechinf companies.
One is at the bridge crossing and one is currently holding the bridge.
The third one took heavy casualties trying to cross the bridge and is currently reinforcing.
They have been using BMP-2's and MT-LB's as fire support.

A company of T80UM's is also reported to operate in the area. It is estimated that they have lost 1-3 tanks.

North of the bridge you are also to expect GMG platoon along with MANPAD platoon. These usually act as a "flank guard" for MECHINF battalion.

Enemy has used MLRS mines north of the bridge to cover its flank. Also expect a full strength mortar battery to support the battalion's fight.

Unit Respawn Notes
Respawners will be moved to the frontline by NH-90 supply helicopters flown by dedicated pilots. If helicopter is not present at the time you respawn then wait patiently, it will come eventually. Don't even think about touching the empty NH-90 at its respawn..

If your respawned vehicle crew has also lost its vehicle then ask pilot to drop you to vehicle respawns point where you can take new vehicle.

Supply & Rearm Notes
Two NH-90 helicopters (Romeo 1 and 2) are available for bringing in supplies for the battlegroup. Companys Supply Officer is on charge for organizing the supply operations.

Supplies spawn at supply point and are divided to different boxes as follows:
-FIN Infantry ammo box
-FIN 66KES12 box (for infantry)
-FIN Apilas + KES box (for AT group Alpha 4)
-SWE Infantry ammo box
-SWE AT box
-Medical items box

FIN boxes are type of "NATO" and SWE boxes type of "LDF".

Vehicle rearm uses ACE Rearm system. Vehicle rearm boxes are present at supply point as well and are divided as follows:
-FIN CV90 rearm box
-SWE CV90 rearm box
-MT-LB rearm box

One rearm box holds one full rearm for the vehicle. Rarely ACE Rearm system may bug so that only driver is able to rearm vehicle. To fix that just go in and out of the driver seat.

Vehicle Repair & Respawn Notes
Everyone has ability to change broken wheel / track. Spare parts are present in vehicle cargos.

Crewmen, Supply Officers and Pilots have ability to do partial repairs for vehicles. Toolkit is also needed and will be consumed in the process. Black kitbags in vehicles are reserved for toolkits only and are not allowed to be picked up for other purposes.

You can only repair parts that have taken severe damage (red or low orange state) and by repairing you can fix those only up to orange state.

If vehicle cannot be repaired to functional state or is totally destoyed then the crew is, if possible in current situation, allowed to go pick up new vehicle from vehicle respawns. However, arranging the crew transportation to there is up to you. In case of crewmen respawned and their vehicle destroyed then ask pilot to drop you to vehicle respawn.

There will be always one vehicle of each type for respawn. After it is moved 15m from its original position and no other vehicles, players or items are in that area new one will apear. So make sure you don't drop any items to vehicle respawn.

NH-90 respawn is located near the respawn point.

FINSWE Battlegroup
Kompaniet består av:

Kilo 10 - KompC (AFI)
Kilo 15 - Stf KompC (ANROP)
Kilo 7 - Eldledare (AFI)
Kilo 6 - SISU 6x6 - Underhållsbefäl (AFI)

Alpha (AFI)
Alpha 10 - Leder skyttegrupperna
Alpha 15 - Leder stridsfordonen
Alpha 6 - SISU 6x6- Underhållsbefäl
Alpha 1 - CV9030
Alpha 2 - CV9030
Alpha 3 - CV9030
Alpha 4 - MT-LB - Pv-grupp

Bravo 10 - Vagnchef Bravo 2
Bravo 15 - Vagnchef Bravo 3
Bravo 6 - SISU 6x6 - Underhållsbefäl
Bravo 1 - Strf90C (SSG)
Bravo 2 - Strf90C (ANROP)
Bravo 3 - Strf90C (RUTHLESS)

Romeo 1 - NH90 - Underhålls- och trupptransporthkp
Romeo 2 - NH90 - Underhålls- och trupptransporthkp
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