OP Red Storm
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--- We will start by a small brief, gear up, and then teleport to the town where mission 1 ended. Then in the biggest invading; retreat and hit back.

// Kommer samla upp folk, för spelet är på en annan server och TS
// Repo >>
// Repo JTF16 (needed)
// http://blackflago...autoconfig
// (( Har man AiATP och senaste RHS så är den inte så stor))
// Den körs med ACE2 och TFAR
// Med i Operationen är NAC (UK), JTF16 samt nu Anrop
// Som pilot är det viktigt att du kan hantera MELB bra, lågflyg, etc http://forums.bis...e-Bird-WIP

OP Red Storm
I do not believe that civilization will be wiped out in a war fought with the atomic bomb. Perhaps two-thirds of the people of the earth will be killed.
Albert Einstein

Its all over the news, the nuclear threat is here.. not just a threat, its here. Several strikes have been made to different countries and russia are letting everyone know its their time now. They have made it aware that they will go in with strong force, starting with invading Scandinavia and from there noone is safe.

Mission 1; The Strike
9/8 - The platoon will secure keypoints in Denmark, making sure that the invasion will halt, all action will help.
Mission 2; The Return
16/08 – In the midst of it all the teams must retreat back and find a new position to hinder the invasion.
Mission 3; The Mask
Mission 4; The Curtain

The russians have within days sent nuclear strikes against USA, UK, and some countries within EU. And right after they have started the invasion of Scandinavia as a starting base of all operation leading to UK and USA.
A group of joint task force as per USA, UK and Sweden, have been made. Their task is to try to hinder the russian advancements and by all means push them to a halt. The first mission is to block them at Bornholm.

Second mission will start in the same town as the first mission ended, now a town we have to let the Russians have. Retreat and find a new pos.
a. Enemy Forces.
The intel shows a lot of infantry and mechs, their first troops will be of soft targets and light vehicles .
b. Friendly Forces.
In Bornholm three platoons have been commanded to secure the towns and keypoints within the Island.
c. Joint Force.
Our joint task force consist of US, UK and Swedish -soldiers.
d. Attachments and Detachments.
Heavy arty, M109A6 Paladin are to call in.
Mortarteams on standby.

Retreat, bound back.
Find a new position to take and hinder the russians.
In and out warfare.

a. Commander's Intent
We know that they are too many to count and our mission is not to fend them all off, our mission is to make their movement as hard as possible. The first mission is critical to the rest of actions, we need to clear as many of the bases the russians made so far and all supplies they have pushed into Bornholm.

CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive weapons)
We have implemented CBRN detectors in every soldiers kit, so if signal; gasmask on and report. The sound should be a high beeping sound and will be field-tested every mission before action. Look sharp for IEDs, they are known to be triggered from a triggerman; so keep an eye out for them as well. Little to none intel of Chem, Bio or Nuclear chemicals, but the detectors will alert on it aswell.

Rules of Engagement.
Our intelligence suggest that we must show strong force if met with any confrontation. Our ROE is simple, if a threat appears we will react, retrack, report and react again. We will not stand down.

Environmental Considerations.
They will keep roads, so we keep overwatch if possible.

Our team is not to fortify, advance, attack, retreat and repeat.
5. Command and Control.
a. Command.

Command have command over 5 CO.
Commanding officer will have control of every team and their Teamlead.
Every Teamleader have a team of four, where at least one should be SiC.

- 4 FO Johan
There will be vehicles to drive for each team. All gear will be given before brief and as standard for each role.
Each team consist of; TML, Medic, MG and AT/Rifle.

Ludvig 1-1 (3 / 4)
Teamlead (AK5D)
Rifleman (AK5C GRT)(AT)
Operationen har redan varit
MG (KSP90)
Medic (AK5D)
Ludvig 1-2 (0 / 4)
Teamlead (AK5D)
Operationen har redan varit
Rifleman (AK5C GRT)(AT)
Operationen har redan varit
MG (KSP90)
Operationen har redan varit
Medic (AK5D)
Operationen har redan varit
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