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TFAR Inventory Bug
Dahlgren - Yesterday at 4:39 PM
we've had some reports of inventory going crazy with reseting gear etc, not sure if related to our custom TFAR radios and TFAR 1.0 yet
people are point fingers everywhere :smile:
even blaming island mods

Dedmen - Yesterday at 4:40 PM
resetting gear? definetly not my fault :smile:

Dahlgren - Yesterday at 4:41 PM
no, I think it's something else too
I'm blaming the mission maker for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Bren - Yesterday at 4:46 PM
@Dahlgren shortly offtopic. We had the same problem when picking backpacks from boxes (sometimes LR radios sometimes normal ones) and the problem was that they got the identical one. So if one of the two people changed the inventory it was changed for the other guy (sometimes kilometers away) as well. You would even have the move animation on the back of sitting person when the other one was walking. We could never reproduce the error sadly but maybe that is what hit you guys aswell :smiley:

Dahlgren - Yesterday at 4:48 PM
huh, sounds somewhat similar yeah

Bren - Yesterday at 4:48 PM
easiest workaround is picking up a new backpack :smiley:

Aliasalpha - Today at 11:56 AM
@Dahlgren Slightly off the topic of TFAR again but it might be worth asking your mission maker how they made the gear loadouts for the player units. My group found that if you save an arsenal loadout in a mission rather than in the editor and then apply that loadout for multiple playable units it gives everyone the exact same radio right down to the ID number which should be unique (Eg: it'd be AN/PRC 152 21 for everyone)

Dedmen - Today at 12:27 PM
Use arsenal loadout via script. and remove the id from the radios classname.
Or edit the mission.sqm manually to remove the id from the classname in the loadouts
In TFAR 1.0 you don't get Radios with ID's anymore when you are doing loadouts in the editor

Dahlgren - Today at 12:47 PM
Virtual Arsenal in Eden Editor
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