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Skriv in Er i Länken Nedan. Alla som står är bara Preliminära så de kan lika gärna bara vara 5 personer som kommer in och spelar även om det är 20 spelare uppskrivna.

Teamspeak pw asgard
Detta är istortsett alla mods som ligger på updraget även om alla ej används. då vi ej använt arma3sync så har vi ej haft den tillgången.

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Mission prior to WWIII: Altis war

The Crisis described in the WWIII: Altis War has begun and the background story is in effect. This campaign is taking place before the Altis war.
Where: Kunduz province Afghanistan

Operation Warden

The Islamic State (IS) has begun an offensive and recruiting in Kunduz Afghanistan. Mulla Abdul Rauf, a former Afghan military leader and Taliban leader who now has sworn allegiance to IS, has been seen recruiting fighters for the war in Syria and Iraq. There are also indications that they are building a new stronghold in Kunduz.
Local forces and the Tribal Elders in Kunduz has asked for help to drive IS out of Kunduz. IS has brought instability and terror once again to the area and the situation is precarious and very unstable.
With our forces spread thin and with the general withdrawal of US forces the task has been given to the newly formed Task Force Typhoon, currently located in the Persian Gulf. Elements of Task Force Typhoon will be flown in to the Kunduz area to establish a base and engage IS.

The fighters the IS are recruiting are mostly former Taliban, they just change their Taliban white for the IS black. With that we know we are in for a fight against a foe that knows the terrain, have some local support and they wont think twice to use any means necessary against us. We are most likely to go up against a fast moving enemy, ambushes, Snipers, IED´s, guerilla tactics and terrorist acts such as bombings and suicide bombers. In other words, a nightmare.
But we still feel that with our tactical advantages we can perform supremely and finish our mission.

The basic mission are to make contact with IS forces and push them out of Kunduz province. Intelligence are already in the area and are at the moment establishing contact with the local Tribes. Secondary mission are to aid the Local population in any way possible. We need the locals help to succeed in this mission. With this said we need to be careful engaging enemy forces so that we don’t shoot any civilians.
The upside in this mission compared to US forces clash with Talibans are that the IS stands out in comparison. They exclusively use dark and black colors and in 99 times of 100 cover their face in dark balaclavas and headware.


- Navy Seals
- Elements of 2nd Ranger Battalion
- Elements of the 2nd Task Force armor, APC´s only.
- Limited Helicopter support
- Air support from US forces

Enemy forces

- IS infantry forces, irregular infantry with a variety of weaponry
- Supported by Russian military, equipment.
- Armor none as of today, armed cars and pickups.
- No air or artillery

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Operationen har redan varit
Operationen har redan varit
Operationen har redan varit
Operationen har redan varit
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