OP Lost Patrols (updated)
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Mission The Rebuild

Date: 2015-11-15 Sunday
Time: 20.00 SWE 19.00 UK
TeamSpeak: tseu5.vilayer.com:10070
Pass A3 server & TS: tavla
Repo JTF16 (needed) http://blackflago...autoconfig
Repo JTF16 Client http://blackflago...autoconfig
Repo > Only use the repo given, if you have AiATP thats a big load off the download.

On 12 March 1970, the 3rd Brigade of 101st began rebuilding abandoned Fire Support Base Ripcord which relied, as with most remote bases at the time, on a helicopter lifeline to get supplies in and the personnel out. The firebase was to be used for a planned offensive by the 101st to destroy NVA supply bases in the mountains overlooking the A Shau Valley. Located on the eastern edge of the valley, and taking place at the same time as the Cambodian Incursion, the operation was considered covert.

Mission objectives on way to FSB Ripcord:
* Investigate POI
* Push VC back
* Search in area for KIA


* No radios
* Only equipment on personal
* When at FSB Ripcord a helicopter could be called in

Actions on Enemy Contact:
When encountering VC, its green to shoot.
We are here to push back and that is what we will do.

Rally Points
The leader designates en route rally points every 100 to 400 meters (based on the terrain, vegetation, and visibility). When the leader designates a new en route rally point, the previously designated one goes into effect. This precludes uncertainty over which one soldiers should move to if contact is made immediately after the leader designates a new rally point.


Charlie Victor 1 - 1 (4 / 5)
Teamleader (M14)
Operationen har redan varit
Medic (M16A1)
Engineer (M16A1 GL)
Machine Gunner (M60)
Rifleman AT (M16A1 M72LAW)
Charlie Foxtrot 2 - 3 (1 / 5)
Teamleader (M14)
Operationen har redan varit
Medic (M16A1)
Operationen har redan varit
Engineer (M16A1 GL)
Operationen har redan varit
Machine Gunner (M60)
Rifleman AT (M16A1 M72LAW)
Operationen har redan varit
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