OP Chapter 52
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OP Chapter 52
“What will be after heaven and earth and the whole world are burned? All the gods will be dead, together with the Einherjar and the whole of mankind. Didn´t you say earlier that each person will live in some world throughout all ages?"
- Gangler

The time is now and we need to act. As time has passed, the intel shows us that the insurgents are moving in closer and fortifying themselves within several keypoints. Our mission will be to smoke them out, clear the threat and be home by the time they will realize our strikes. It will take a lot of effort to break them, so the teams are picked based on their strength on doing so. High up in the chain of command we have Huassim Ali Lebrim, a warlord that have arisen from nowhere. So the intel on him is limited, meaning we have no location as of yet.

Mission 1; Gimle
Mission 2; Brimir
Mission 3; Sindri

In Al Rayak the situation is dire at the moment, civilians are facing the insurgents at a daily basis. Our missions are to ease the tension and to make way for the USarmy. We will not be welcome as a team, and we will have to work against the insurgents and at times even the civilians.
a. Enemy Forces.
As our intel have been shown, the insurgents have started to grow in size and are getting to the point of defend and fortify. We believe that they are at high numbers at their compounds and in urban areas, as in rural areas they are more on hold. So expect to see less patrols and more roadblocks in such fortified areas.
b. Friendly Forces.
At this moment we have USarmy at standby, otherwise there are no friendlies in the area.
c. Attachments and Detachments.

From FO Andrew, clear point VS3, VS9, and focus on MF2.

a. Commander's Intent
From command we have a clear orders to search/destroy for any AA at said markers and to extract any MIA personal. More exact focus points will be given as drones will pick up surveillance.
As of FO Andrew, all teams go for said markers, SW.

CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive weapons)
We have implemented CBRN detectors in every soldiers kit, so if signal; gasmask on and report. The sound should be a high beeping sound and will be field-tested every mission before action. Look sharp for IEDs, they are known to be triggered from a triggerman; so keep an eye out for them as well. Little to none intel of Chem, Bio or Nuclear chemicals, but the detectors will alert on it aswell.

Rules of Engagement.
Our intelligence suggest that we must show strong force if met with any confrontation. Our ROE is simple, if a threat appears we will react, retrack, report and react again. We will not stand down.

Environmental Considerations.
Keep all vehicles on roads as the mountains will have a lot of IEDs. The IEDs count for roadblocks too, aswell as suspicious roadstops. If possible roadblock, IED, or other activity in front; step back, and from a new position go in strong.

5. Command and Control.
a. Command.

Command have command over 5 CO.
Commanding officer will have control of every team and their Teamlead.
Every Teamleader have a team of four, where at least one should be SiC.

- 4 FOB Andrew
At mission 1, there will be vehicles to drive for each team. All gear will be given before brief and as standard for each role.
Each team consist of; TML, Medic, MG and AT/Rifle.

Charlie 1-1 (4 / 4)
Charlie 1-2 (2 / 4)
Operationen har redan varit
Operationen har redan varit
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