DCS Onsdag - Defend the Storage Depot
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Startar 2019-02-27 20:00


A suspected chemical weapons attack has happened in the town Jenah and the UN has set up a storage depot in the outskirts of the town from where to investigate further. US/NATO is conducting CAP and CAS over the area to scare off any attempts to disrupt the investigation.

The UN and US/NATO has received harsh recommendations from the Iranian political leaders to not meddle in Irans internal afffairs and stated that any US/NATO military presence in Iranian airspace will be seen as a violation of Iranian sovereignty.

US/NATO has since sent staff to Iranian Tunb Island AFB and Bandar Lengeh airport to "assist" US/NATO air operations from those locations aswell, and the harsh rhetorical climate has escalated to threats of Iranian military response.


Take off and get to the objective area (WPT1). When arriving in the vicinity report your role on station (through the radio F10 menu options).

We have intel that there are several low to medium range SAM systems (SA-6, SA-8) to the NW, N and NE. To be considered if engaging potential air threats. Destroying these sites will make the CAP mission easier and safer, by allowing friendly CAP to meet up any threats sooner.

AWACS DARKSTAR is enroute and will be watching the airspace.

TANKERS 'Texaco' (KC-135) and 'Shell' (KC-130) is enroute and will be on station orbiting at BULLS 180 for 20.

TANKER 'Arco' ( S-3B ) will provide carrier overhead refuelling in case of emergencies, at BULLS 185 for 38.

When FACA MQ-9 Reaper drone PONTIAC is available he can provide target lasing for LGB's via F10 Menu command. (Done with JTAC AutoLase script, not traditional JTAC functionality, credit Ciribob )

Additional support can be called in through F10 menu options under Asset management.

CVN-74 John C. Stennis is currently located about 15 miles of the Iranian coast on a 5kt BRC270 cruise, with a range to the AO at 60 miles.

Frequencies Table:
Package: 254Mhz AM
AWACS: 243Mhz AM
Shell: 251Mhz AM, TCN 45X
Texaco: 251Mhz AM, TCN 46X
Arco: 251Mhz AM, TCN 13X
FARP London: 125Mhz AM
John C. Stennis: 127.5Mhz AM, TCN 12X, ICLS 11X

Önskas andra flygtyg, säg till!

Chevy - CAP - F/A-18C (3 / 4)
Chevy 1-1
Operationen har redan varit
Chevy 2-1
Chevy 3-1
Chevy 4-1
Ford - CAS - F/A-18C (1 / 5)
Ford 1-1
Ford 2-1
Operationen har redan varit
Ford 3-1
Operationen har redan varit
Ford 4-1
Operationen har redan varit
Ford 5-1
Operationen har redan varit
Enfield - ??? - F-5E (1 / 2)
Enfield 1-1
Enfield 1-1
Operationen har redan varit
Darkstar - STRIL (1 / 2)
Darkstar 1
Magic 1
Operationen har redan varit
Dodge - CAS - SU-25/SU-25T (1 / 3)
Enfield 3-1
Enfield 4-1
Operationen har redan varit
Enfield 5-1
Operationen har redan varit
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