Sunset Singapore - OFCRA TvT
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Startar 2020-08-13 21:00

Public Server & test mission, will be up 24h-48h prior to the event, to stress/test your mod/addons
Server public:
port: 2302
password: ofcra

Teamspeak 3 OFCRA
IP :
Mot de passe : mineisbiggerthanyours


[Public TvT] - "Sunset Singapore" - 13th August 2020 - 2100GMT+2 (Paris time)

Political changes in the east Asian peninsular have developed to China's favor. Through the use of threats and political meddling the state of Malaysia has been turned into a puppet government. With their new masters the subservient government has been embedded to strike at the ever more west leaning Singapore to their south and when they joined 5 eyes it was the last step. However the west is not willing to let their base to the east die without a fight. If Malaysia can get the political leader of Singapore out before the Australian QRF arrives then the fate of Singapore is all but sealed.

General information:
Australia vs Malaysia
- Large mission: 90 minutes
- Smaller "royal with cheese": 30 minutes
- 1 life / no-respawn
- Veteran difficulty (1st person)
- Ace medical basic
- Both French and English will be used for planning and execution. However all languages are welcome (we have Swiss, French, Italians, English, German, Dutch, etc...)

Modset: [OFCRA] Sunset Singapore (A3Sync repository http://repo.ofcra...utoconfig) Steam Workshop can also be used as we keep version parity

Contact, informations and registration:
Forum: https://ofcrav2.o...icseen#new
Discord: https://discord.g...

If you want to come along or have any questions, please feel free to either make a post on the forum or send me a message through steam or Discord. The OCAP can be found here:
The server will also be live beforehand so you can test your mods

@3cb_factions @ace3 @ace3_compat_rhs_afrf3 @ace3_compat_rhs_gref3 @ace3_compat_rhs_usf3 @acex_a3 @broma_equipments @cba_a3 @cup_terrains_core @kerama_islands @ofcra @ofcra_niarms_ak @ofcra_niarms_aug @ofcra_niarms_compat_rhs @ofcra_niarms_core @rhs_afrf3 @rhs_gref @rhs_saf @rhs_usf3 @task_force_radio_dev

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Malaysian Army - "13" (6 / 6)
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Malaysian Army - "Master of reality" (1 / 6)
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