Smoke On The Mountain
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Startar 2020-08-22 20:00

Kräver Syria och F-16C
Du bör kunna:
-Starta F16 från cold-start
-Använda TGP
-Byta Laserkod till TGP
-Släppa GBU-12 med CCRP
Kommer inte lägga till mer slots eller andra flygplan.

0730 05DEC 2015
Smoke On The Mountain
Provide air support to Allied forces
We are to support allies with the assault of a heavily defended village (Salma). Due to a lack of a compatible radio they will use colored smoke signals to coordinate the attack.

-Blue Smoke: Visual contact
-Green Smoke: Cleared hot on Salma, friendly forces ready to move in.
-Red Smoke: Cease fire on Salma, friendly forces inside.

Once we approach WP3 we are to set up an orbit and look for blue smoke to the east of Salma, this will indicate the position of the command element.
Once the ground forces are ready to move in, the command element will pop green smoke which means that we are cleared hot on the village.

The primary target are the two Tanks on the main road, at each end of the village.
Our secondary target is armored vehicles and AAA. Enemy reinforcements might come from the western road.

The ground forces will move in as soon as they hear the first bomb go off.

When allies are in the village, the command element will pop red smoke.

Our mission is done when friendly forces have taken the enemy camp inside of Salma.
Friendly Forces:
Allied Command element 4nm east of Salma.
Allied Spotter 2nm east of Salma.
5 Allied squads hidden in the woods around Salma.
Enemy Forces:
At least 2 T-55 guarding the roads out of the village
Possible AAA
Possible MANPADS
Possible QRE West of Salma.
WP0: Incirlik Air Base
WP1: Iskenderun
WP2: Antakya
WP3: Turkish-Syrian Border (IP)
WP4: Salma Village
WP5: Egress Point
WP6: Karatas
WP7: Incirlik Air Base
UHF 1: Incirlik Air Base (250.200)
UHF 2: Package (305.000)
VHF 1: Dagger 1 (121.000)
VHF 2: Dagger 2 (131.000)
Laser Codes:
Dagger 1-1 1665
Dagger 1-2 1666
Dagger 2-1 1667
Dagger 2-2 1668

Dagger 1 (2 / 2)
Dagger 1-1
Dagger 1-2
Dagger 2 (2 / 2)
Dagger 2-1
Dagger 2-2
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