DCS Onsdag - Not In My Back Yard
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Startar 2020-11-04 20:00

Expulsion of insurgent groups controlling the town of Abud, 30 miles NE of Al Ain International Airport.


Good morning gentlemen. We have a problem. Insurgents have taken over the town of Abud Northeast of Al Ain Airport. We don't know how they got in so quickly but they've been establishing a strong presense probably with the help of Iran. We have reports of some ships in the harbor North of Sohar and large numbers of supply trucks running from the port to the town.

We also have reports that they've brought in some medium range air defense systems and there are armor units there as well. So this is not going to be an easy task but someone has to get it done.

You are to depart from the USS Eisenhower and Al Minhad AB immediately to take action on the groups in the town. The government has stated that they will not allow anyone to set up camp "In Our Back Yard". Elements from the VFA 136, VFA 131 and the VFA 142 will rendevous 30 miles Southeast of Fujairah International and push into the area. The 131 will be carrying a mix of HARMs and Rockeyes. The 136 will depart with a loadout of long range air to air and the 74th will be loaded with a mix of Mavericks and cluster munitions.

Charlie Co. has positioned their two available platoons to the North and West of the town. They've given us a timeline of about 45 minutes to enter the town once you give them the go order. You can also request that they halt their movement if you feel it's too dangerous to proceed or they tell you they're under immenent attack. This can be accessed through the F10 menu in flight.

The main objective is to clear the road outposts first along with the SAM systems while the A-10C's will come in from the Northwest and start taking out the tanks. Once the town has been eradicated of insurgent forces you will continue to look for the supply vehicles along the route to the Southeast. You are also cleared to engage any ships you find as they have broken the fragile truce in place by helping to supply the insurgents.

Be advised that there may be some supporting aircraft coming from Iran. The Iranian government has denied any involvement in this activity but it would not surprise any of us if they put up an effort to defend the expensive equipment they have provided to the insurgents. You are free to engage anything that enters UAE airspace.

Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy all insurgents in Abud
2. Destroy the ammo depot near Abud
3. Destroy all supply convoys on SE road
4. Destroy the supply ships in Al Hadd

Good luck!


Carrier TACAN 1X ILS 5
UHF AM 266
(mission uses Airboss script)

AWACS Overlord 251
AWACS Magic 255

KC130 T-50X 251.500 (North of Al Minhad)
S-3B T-51X 251.250 (over USS Eisenhower)

Al Minhad AFB
VHF AM 121.800
UHF AM 250.100

Al Ain International
VHF AM 119.850
UHF AM 250.650

Temperature +20°
Cloud Cover Base 3700
Nav Wind At GRND 2 m/s, 99°
At 2000m 5 m/s, 56°
At 8000m 8 m/s, 41°
Turbulence 0 m/s


VFA 131 - F/A-18C - CAP (1 / 4)
Chevy 11
Operationen har redan varit
Chevy 12
Operationen har redan varit
Chevy 13
Chevy 14
Operationen har redan varit
VFA 131 - F/A-18C - SEAD/DEAD (1 / 4)
Ford 21
Operationen har redan varit
Ford 22
Ford 23
Operationen har redan varit
Ford 24
Operationen har redan varit
VFA 142 - F-14B - CAP (0 / 4)
Uzi 31 Pilot
Operationen har redan varit
Uzi 31 RIO
Operationen har redan varit
Uzi 32 Pilot
Operationen har redan varit
Uzi 32 RIO
Operationen har redan varit
74th FS - A-10CII - CAS (2 / 4)
Tusk 41
Tusk 43
Operationen har redan varit
Tusk 44
Operationen har redan varit
VMA 214 - AV-8B - Strike (2 / 2)
Pontiac 51
Pontiac 52
179th FS - F-16CM - CAP (0 / 4)
Enfield 62
Operationen har redan varit
Enfield 62
Operationen har redan varit
Enfield 61
Operationen har redan varit
Enfield 62
Operationen har redan varit
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