Gruppe Adler - Santa in the Mist
Skapad av
Startar 2021-12-20 20:00

Game server 2402
GM / GM Compat and Joint Ops Repo

Money in the Mist Changes
The game principle corresponds to the well-known "Money in the Mist".

The courier is now wearing a red Santa Claus uniform, his helper a green one.

Story customization
A transporter with radioactive material drives through sleepy Winter-Weferlingen with escort. The exact content is top secret. Suddenly two masked Santa Clauses jump out of the bushes and open fire. The van crashes against a tree without a driver and goes up in flames. While the robbers are still securing the prey and planning the route to potential buyers, the clan chiefs of the Weferlinger Unterwelt get big ears while listening to the police radio.

Goal of the game

Team Santa Claus has to drive through all the points of interaction marked on the map with the sack in any order and has then won.
The 3 factions each have to bring the sack safely to the Exfil point and defend it there for 7 minutes.

Interaction with the sack via ACE Interact
The sack is clearly visible on each respective car when it is being transported
Ammunition can be found in the vehicles
Everyone can sew / is a medic

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