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Author: Operation Capital Team
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Altis has been an important location in the Mediterranean since its early beginnings when the Phoenicians settled on the island. Over the following millenium Altis became part of Carthage, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire which ended in 1878 when Altis was claimed as a British Protectorate and subsequently integrated into the British Empire.

Altis was of strategic importance to the British during the First World War due to the proximity of the island to the Gallipoli peninsula. In February 1942 two of the three battalions which made up the Altis Regiment began training for Operation Torch and continued fighting overseas until VE day in 1945.

After the Second World War Altis was granted the right to self govern with Dimitris Lara and his Altis Labour Party forming the first government in 1948. Over the following decade the island saw rise in post colonial nationalism, during which time Cyprus and then Malta gained independence. On the 24th of June 1966 after years of debate and negotiations, Altis achieved independence becoming the State of Altis and Stratis and joining the Commonwealth of Nations. Less than two years later on the 3rd of April 1968 Altis declared itself the Republic of Altis and Stratis replacing the head of state, Queen Elizabeth II with a government appointed president.

The next 19 years saw the republic struggle through various reforms as multiple governments attempted to lose colonial ties. In 1987 the Republic withdrew their application to join the European Union in protest of the blocking of the application from Turkey.

The 1992 elections saw the Altis Labour Party gain their first majority in 12 years. Their western aligned views were seen as an opportunity; in October 1993 the British lead Operation Medway began. The operation was seen as a chance to bring Altis firmly under NATO influence and secure long standing control over the Medditerean. Initially Medway consisted of a small number of advisors assisting with training. By June 1994 the number of British and US troops stationed on Altis had skyrocketed, resulting in the creation of Task Force Summer Shield which was designed to overhaul the Altis Armed Forces making them capable of providing independent far reaching protection in the region.

In 1996 the Altis Justice Party won back a strong majority. The next two years brought an increase in anti corruption protests and from the winter of 1998 there were regular clashes with security forces. This culminated on the 3rd of February 2000 when mass arrests and raids on suspected protester’s homes swept the island. By the 2004 election minor concessions had been made to the hardline approach of the government. Such steps saw a decrease in protests and continued the working partnership with NATO forces. On the morning of the 31st of July 2004 the Altis Labour Party headquarters were raided with the opposition leader and multiple members of their shadow cabinet arrested on embezzlement charges. Within a month, all twelve who had been arrested were found guilty in a closed court and sentenced. In response to the arrests violent attacks on infrastructure and security forces began in the north and in November the government conceded there was a legitimate threat from a determined insurgency resulting in the deployment of the Army to attempt to subdue the instigators.

International disagreements peaked on the 24th of August 2006 when the Republic of Altis and Stratis was suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations for human rights violations against political activists.This was seen by the Altis government as western meddling in a purely domestic issue. On the 18th of December 2006 the Republic cancelled Operation Medway and Task Force Summer Shield began withdrawing. The last British forces left the island on the 26th January 2007.

On the 20th of February 2007 the president and numerous ministers were visiting a youth group in the north of Kavala when an improvised explosive device hidden in a delivery van was detonated. Fourteen people were killed, the youngest victim only 13. Dozens more severely wounded including the president. The date has become known as “The Day of Fallen Petals” in memory of those who lost their lives.

Within hours General Akhanteros declared an nationwide emergency imposing martial law. The military effectively seized all power, imposing strict curfews and suspending the police force as well as restricting media activities. General Akhanteros quickly blamed the Freedom In Altis insurgents and vowed to eradicate the terrorist group. On the 9th of April General Akhanteros declared sweeping changes to the military including his new role as Head of the Altis Armed Forces. At the same time internal purges of the military and civil services removed those who were labelled dissidents and terrorist sympathisers.

On the 24th of November 2009 after 2 years, 9 months and 4 days of conflict, thousands of arrests and deaths, widespread reports of disappearances and alleged torture and bombings by both sides, the Altis Armed Forces declared victory over the FIA. However there was no mention of returning power to the legitimate government, many of whom were by this point under house arrest or imprisoned.

In early 2014 the AAF deployed troops to Malden to support the revolutionary opposition and contain Greek expansion. After a week of conflict that tore the island in half a ceasefire was agreed with a large, uninhabited buffer zone being created. Greek troops withdrew from the North and were replaced with a British lead UN peacekeeping force.

After 4 years of the Malden ceasefire holding, fighting flared in the Buffer Zone. The cause of the conflict remains a disputed fact but the Republic quickly blamed British troops for firing at a AAF checkpoint. The British Foreign Office advised all British nationals in Altis to leave the country fearing repercussions.

On the 16th of May, two days after the fighting on Malden, police on Altis arrested the last 14 British citizens attempting to leave the island. They were quickly passed into military custody accused of funding terrorist movements on Altis. Diplomatic attempts to contact the detained have been unsuccessful and intelligence indicates they are being held at a camp created for FIA terrorists.


Previous Operations


Capital 1 - 21 0445C (0145Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 0000

A small fleet was formed around an Albion-class LPD intended to deploy troops to Altis. Two destroyers were attached as the fleet moved through the Mediterranean under the guise of heading for the Gulf.
Whiskey Company was deployed by ORC to extract the 14 British Nationals held at Molos Airfield. 1 Troop secured the airfield before proceeding to a compound to the South East. Evidence was found that all 14 hostages had been executed and attempts had been made to cover up their murder. A large AAF counterattack forced 1 troop to withdraw to the North side of Molos Airfield.
During the counterattack the AAF launched an aerial assault on the Royal Navy fleet causing damage to one of the destroyers, forcing the fleet to retreat. The remainder of Whiskey Company which was embarked made the decision to deploy via ORC to the AO to support the two troops currently present.

Capital 2 - 21 0745C (0445Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 0300

With the remainder of Whiskey Company inbound to the Molos peninsular the decision was made to secure Molos Bay and further disrupt the AAF in the area. 2 Troop provided overwatch onto the North side of Molos. 1 Troop inserted at LZ Charlie and attacked Molos clearing the town of AAF presence and securing 5 POWs. During the attack on Molos 3 Troop arrived at Molos bay.

Capital 3 & 4 - 21 1000C (0700Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 0515

Intelligence gathered from a captured AAF pilot was confirmed by UAV surveillance; a large AAF attack on Molos and Molos airfield was being staged further south west along the peninsula. A concentration of motorised and mechanised infantry had begun to move along MSR Port towards Sofia. The size of the enemy force had not been fully confirmed but intelligence indicated it was significant and could overwhelm Whiskey Company.

1 and 2 Troop dug in a defensive line around Molos as 3 Troop infiltrated behind AAF lines at LZ Delta. 3 Troop attacked Objective Gold, a control and warning radar site which contains a key relay in the AAF communications network. By doing so they disrupted the attack on 1 and 2 Troop causing a withdrawal of AAF forces. 3 Troop withdrew from Objective Gold towards friendly lines but encountered a AAF mechanised flanking force. 3 Troop engaged the AAF force before withdrawing north to the coast as 2 Troop moved west from their defensive position to counter attack the AAF.

Capital 5 - 21 1400C (1100Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 0915

The First Echelon of the Joint Rapid Reaction Force is inbound to Altis in support of the Spearhead Land Element of Whiskey Company which is isolated on Altis after the Spearhead Naval Force withdrew when it came under sustained AAF attack. The unanticipated extent of active Russian equipment and vehicles used by the AAF, specifically Mig-29 aircraft and S-300 anti-aircraft weapon systems, and their rapid employment against the Spearhead Naval Force combined with the limited time frame available mean naval reinforcement is currently not achievable. The recent significant disruption of the AAF communication network and destruction of their eastern control and warning radar created a window for aerial reinforcement.

Reinforcements and supplies will arrive under the cover of darkness and casualties will be evacuated. Whiskey Company conducted an attack on the enemy positions around Sofia and secured the town in a show of force to dissuade any AAF aggression which could threaten the nighttime movement. 1 Troop secured the solar station to the south east of Sofia and 2 Troop pursued retreating AAF troops, clearing the forest to the north of Sofia. 3 Troop was held in reserve to the north west.

Capital 6 - 21 1800C (1500Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 1315

1 Troop advanced from their positions around Sofia and moved south east, capturing the nearby power plant. They encountered heavy resistance from entrenched AAF covering the retreat from the Sofia area. With the power station secured, and with light levels dropping 1 Troop continued south to the northern edge of the salt flats.

Capital 7 - 22 0320C (0020Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 2245

1 Troop continued their advance from their positions on the northern edge of the salt flats. They assaulted AAF positions in the town of Ioannia before progressing along the western flank of the salt flats.
As 1 Troop moved friendly positions occupied by the remainder of Whiskey Company and the RGR came under sustained artillery fire preventing them from moving behind 1 Troop.

Capital 8 - 22 0600C (0000Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 2505

With friendly lines still under artillery fire 1 Troop advanced further into enemy territory closing in on their target. Communications were lost with 1 Troop for over an hour; when communications were restored 1 Troop reported having engaged the mobile battery and destroying one launch platform. They also encountered localised radio jammers around the enemy site.
1 Troop began withdrawing back towards friendly lines however were pursued by a mechanised force. Communications were once again lost shortly after they reported suffering heavy casualties on their withdrawal.

Capital 9 - 22 0900C (0300Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 2505

The active elements of Whiskey Company conducted an assault on the military installation designated Objective Amber to prevent against AAF attack from the forward position. They destroyed all available targets at the location before withdrawing North as Objective Amber came under heavy artillery fire.
C (Mogaung) Company, RGR moved south to Point Felix which is the last known location of 1 Troop to locate the missing force. They found the damaged Jackal used by 1 Troop but no survivors. Successive AAF attacks and artillery forced C Company to withdraw.

Capital 10 - 22 1200C (0600Z) MAY 2018

LZ Hour + 2805

To be played on the 22nd of November.

British forces will continue their advance to secure territory until an AAF withdrawal can be negotiated.

UAV surveillance has confirmed the military installation designated Objective Tanzanite is being used as a launch site for Surface To Air (SAM) missiles. This is a priority target to reduce AAF control over air space.

A Company are advancing through the heavily mined terrain around Objective Opal. Elements form A Company will move to the eastern side of Pefkas Bay to harass enemy fortifications at Objective Tanzanite and neautralise enemy movement in Pefkas bay.

Whiskey Company is to conduct an attack on Objective Ruby and Objective Tanzanite.

B Company and C Company are to continue their advance west. Once around the salt flats C Company will move south east to again try to reestablish contact with 1 Troop. B Company will deny enemy movement between Objective Ruby and Paros.


Whiskey Company is to attack the military installation designated Objective Ruby and destroy the SAM site located within Objective Tanzanite.


Map of AO to be provided closer to op date.

[list][*]1500 hrs local (1200 hrs ZULU).[/list]

[list][*]Heavy cloud coverage. Expected to persist.[*]South westerly wind. Expected to persist.[*]Temperature: 10-12°C.[*]Chance of rain: >10%. [*]Very light sea fog across the peninsula. Expected to increase.[/list]

IED / Mine threat:
[list][*]Marked minefields previously encountered.[*]Mixture of anti personnel and anti tank mines used.[/list]

Intelligence captured by UAV.


To be provided closer to op date.


Company Command, Whiskey Company, 45 Commando:
[list][*]Command Element of Whiskey Company under the leadership of 0-A.[*]Standard MTP gear.[/list]

[list]1 Troop, Whiskey Company, 45 Commando:
[list][*]Troop sized element under the leadership of 1-0A.[*]Standard MTP gear.[*]Current status unknown.[/list][/list]

[list]2 Troop, Whiskey Company, 45 Commando:
[list][*]Troop sized element under the leadership of 2-0A.[*]Standard MTP gear.[*][/list][/list]

[list]3 Troop, Whiskey Company, 45 Commando:
[list][*]Troop sized element under the leadership of 3-0A.[*]Standard MTP gear.[/list][/list]

1st Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles, 16 Air Asslt Bde:
[list][*]Battalion sized element consisting of three companies.[*]Standard MTP gear.[*]Reinforcing the frontline.[/list]


Army of the Republic of Altis:
[list][*]Well-trained & well-equipped army with a majority of Russian equipment.[*]Majority of forces encountered have been motorised and mechanised. Exact disposition of enemy forces is unknown.[*]Local forces are in retreat from Sofia however extensive artillery is being used to cover movements, wider intent unknown, presume aggression to expel British forces from the Island.[/list]

Republic of Altis Air Force:
[list][*]Newly trained and well-equipped air force with a majority of Russian equipment.[*]Mil Mi-8s, AW159s and Mig-29s encountered. Exact disposition of enemy forces is unknown.[*]Limited activity across the peninsula, reason unknown.[/list]


[list][*]Number of Civilians across the peninsula.[*]Majority of civilian presence has fled prior to occupation.[/list]


1 x Jackal assigned to 2 Troop containing:
[list][*]8 x section supply crate.[*]1 x Javelin supply crate.[/list]

1 x Jackal assigned to 3 Troop containing:
[list][*]8 x section supply crate.[*]2 x GPMG supply crate.[/list]

No additional supplies available.

Fire Support:
[list][*]81mm fire support available from RGR.[/list]

RGR mortars are providing fire support for the front line.

[list][*]CTP tent carried by Troop.[/list]


[list][*]Weapon Control Order: At the discretion of Troop commanders.[*]Avoid HE in built-up areas.[*]Civilian casualties are to be avoided.[*]Bayonets to be used only when assaulting known Enemy positions.[/list]


Note: Before taking a role, please read the relevant SOP and check whether you have the required skills and knowledge to perform this role properly. If you read it and feel you are unsuited for the role, please do not take it.

Coy HQ
0-A: Company Commander - Zeus

2 Troop HQ
2-0-A: Troop Commander - Locked for 3CB
2-0-B: Troop 2iC - Locked for 3CB
2-0: Medic - Locked for 3CB

2 Troop / 1 Section
2-1-C: Section Leader - Locked for 3CB
2-1-D: Section 2iC - Locked for 3CB

2 Troop / 2 Section
2-2-C: Section Leader - Locked for RDF
2-2-D: Section 2iC - Locked for RDF

2 Troop / 3 Section
2-3-C: Section Leader - Locked for 3CB
2-3-D: Section 2iC - Locked for 3CB

2 Troop / 4 Section
2-4-C: Section Leader - Locked for 3CB
2-4-C: Medic- Locked for 3CB
2-4-C: Javelin Operator - Locked for 3CB
2-4-C: Asst. Javelin - Locked for 3CB
2-4-D: Javelin Operator -
2-4-D: Asst. Javelin -

3 Troop HQ
3-0-A: Troop Commander - Locked for 3CB
3-0-B: Troop 2iC - Locked for 3CB
3-0: Medic - Locked for 3CB

3 Troop / 1 Section
3-1-C: Section Commander -
3-1-C: Rifleman/AT -
3-1-C: Sharpshooter -
3-1-C: LMG -
3-1-D: Section 2iC -
3-1-D: LMG -
3-1-D: Medic -
3-1-D: Engineer -

3 Troop / 2 Section
3-2-C: Section Leader - Locked for 3CB
3-2-D: Section 2iC - Locked for 3CB

3 Troop / 3 Section
3-3-C: Section Leader - Locked for RDF
3-3-D: Section 2iC - Locked for RDF

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2 Troop / 4 Section (3 / 3)
Javelin Operator
Asst. Javelin
Javelin Operator
3 Troop / 1 Section (8 / 8)
Section Commander
Section 2iC
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