AFI TvT - Season Opener - Mud and Blood
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Startar 2023-08-26 17:45

Arma Finland drar igång hösten med en rivstart i augusti!

"Mud and Blood" will be an intense and high-stakes battle near Novogorsk, with both sides fiercely contesting control over this crucial province. The conflict holds significance not only for the rival factions but also for the civilian population that has suffered throughout the crisis. The outcome of this engagement will shape the course of the larger conflict between the CDF and the ChDKZ in Chernarus. Victory will require not only strategic acumen but also resilience and determination as both sides fight for control in this war-torn region. The varied terrain conditions will make this encounter even more challenging for both forces.

Join server:
Slotting: 17:55
Briefing: 18:00
Game start: 18:05
Duration: No hard time limit, but around 3h

General information
Place: AFI ARMA3 event server/ TS server
Scenario type: Team versus Team, Respawn.
Map: Novogorsk
Player count: 118

Medical system
ACE advanced medical. Reopening wounds.

ChDKZ forces assault with IFV support towards CDF positions.


Attending document

AFI quality of life quick guide

Mission Objectives:

Chdkz (Attackers):

1st Objective - Novoshny Town: The ChDKZ forces must initiate their assault on Novoshny Town, which is surrounded by a light forest and bushes. The town is full of ruins and shell craters, providing ample opportunities for both attackers and defenders to utilize cover and concealment. The attackers must clear the town from the defending CDF forces to gain a foothold in the region.

2nd Objective - Fortified Hilltop: The ChDKZ insurgents must seize control of the positions atop a nearby hill. The area offers limited cover from vegetation, and the defenders have established strong defensive positions. The attackers must employ effective tactics to breach the defender's fortified positions.

3rd Objective - Command Position: The final objective for ChDKZ is to capture the enemy's command position, which provides limited cover from vegetation. The position is fortified with trenches and communication facilities, and the defenders have prepared for a determined assault from the ChDKZ forces.

CDF (Defenders):
The CDF defenders must stand firm and prevent the ChDKZ from gaining control of strategic positions in and around Novogorsk. Novoshny Town, with its light forest and ruins, provides opportunities for both sides to utilize cover and concealment during the battle.


ChDKZ Attackers:
2x Infantry Platoons with mixed insurgency-style gear
Support from 2 BMP-1 armored vehicles

CDF Defenders:
1 Infantry Platoon with basic military gear
Static Machine Gun Emplacements for fortified defense

Mandatory propaganda:

@3cb_factions @afi @afi_ace3 @afi_aresmodachillesexpansion @afi_cba_a3 @afi_dui_squad_radar @afi_nurmi_logistics @afi_tfar_beta @afi_tun_respawn_system @afi_tun_utilities @better_inventory @cup_terrains_core @improved_craters @novogorsk @rhs_afrf3 @rhs_gref @rhs_saf @rhs_usf3 @simple_armbands @ssd_death_screams

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