AFI TvT - Thunder Shield
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Startar 2023-04-08 17:45

Paramilitary rebel force has launched a surprise attack on the region, and a highly trained airmobile SOCOM platoon has been tasked with defending critical objectives. These objectives include multiple small outposts, a Field HQ, two checkpoints, an IDAP Depot, a VIP location, an oil refinery, and the USA embassy.

For the attackers, capturing these objectives is crucial to gaining control of the region and disrupting the defenders' ability to effectively coordinate and resupply. Each objective presents a unique challenge for the attackers, and they will need to use a combination of tactics and firepower to overcome the defenders' resistance.

On the other side, the defenders must work together to repel the rebel forces' assault on each of these objectives. The small outposts provide critical observation points and defense positions, allowing the defenders to monitor the surrounding areas and maintain situational awareness. The Field HQ serves as a central command center, allowing for effective coordination and communication between the defenders. The checkpoints are strategically placed to slow the rebel forces' advance towards other objectives.

The IDAP Depot is an important supply center that must be protected to ensure the defenders can maintain their logistical capabilities. The VIP location is of utmost importance to the mission's success and must be defended at all costs. The oil refinery is a key economic asset that must be protected to prevent the rebel forces from gaining control of the region's valuable resources. Finally, the embassy, operated by the USA, is a critical objective due to its diplomatic and political significance.

Both the attackers and defenders must be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances and make difficult decisions in order to secure victory. Effective communication, tactical awareness, and skillful execution of their respective mission objectives will be key to success for both sides in this intense and dynamic mission.

OP Thunder Shield

lördag 8 april 2023 kl. 17:45

Join server: 17:45
Slotting: 17:55
Briefing: 18:10
Game start: 18:30
Duration: No hard time limit, but around 3h

General information
Place: AFI ARMA3 event server/ TS server
Scenario type: Team versus Team, Respawn.
Map: Anizay
Main mods: ACE, RHS, TFAR, 3CB Factions
Player count: 120

Medical system
ACE advanced medical. Reopening wounds.

There is multiple objectives and both sides need to complete as many as they can.


Attending document

AFI quality of life quick guide

@3cb_factions @afi @afi_ace3 @afi_aresmodachillesexpansion @afi_cba_a3 @afi_dui_squad_radar @afi_nurmi_logistics @afi_tfar_beta @afi_tun_respawn_system @afi_tun_utilities @anizay @awr @better_inventory @cup_terrains_core @improved_craters @rhs_afrf3 @rhs_gref @rhs_saf @rhs_usf3 @vet_unflipping

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Alpha 10 (2 / 3)
Platoon Commanding Officer
Assisting Platoon Commanding Officer
Låst plats
Alpha 1 (8 / 10)
Squad Leader
Team Leader
Låst plats
Anti-tank (RPG-7)
Machine Gunner
Machine Gunner Ammo Bearer
Emperor Archaeon
Låst plats
Combat Life Saver
Commander of BMP-1
Driver (BMP-1)
Reservplatser (0 / 2)
Reserv 1
Operationen har redan varit
Reserv 2
Operationen har redan varit
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