AFI TvT - Operation Kalix Resalted
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lördag 25 mars 2023 kl. 17:45

This is an alternative history scenario where Finland was turned into the Finnish Democratic Republic after the Second World War. After the formation of the FDR, Sweden fearful of the new communist neighbor decided to join NATO. During the prelude to the 1980s, the relationship between the communist East and the capitalist West got worse.

One of the reasons was FDR’s attempts to justify the annexation of the Tornio Valley to proper Finland. After 40 years of saber-rattling, the Finnish communist government decided to push the Tornio Valley question with military power in the spring of 1986. They never suspected that the Swedish government would activate article 5. A major short sight was caused by overestimating FDR’s military capability and the underestimation of the Swedish resolve.

This mission takes place after NATO intervention in the war and the capture of Helsinki. USSR realized that they might soon lose their communist ally. FDR has called USSR for help and the Soviets have answered. The Soviet counterattack soon stopped after meeting heavy American resistance close to the Finno-Soviet border in Virolahti. Americans are ready to assault the weak rear of the soviet line after a daring night attack. This battle may deliver a decisive blow in this war before it escalates into full-scale nuclear war should the soviets lose their position in Fennoscandia.

Join server:
Slotting: 17:45
Briefing: 18:10
Game start: 18:30
Duration: No hard time limit, but around 3h

General information
Place: AFI ARMA3 event server/ TS server
Scenario type: TVT w/respawn
Map: Virolahti
Main mods: ACE, RHS, TFAR, 3CB factions
Player count: 125


Attending document

AFI quality of life quick guide

We are playing Operation Kalix again as a resalted version. M113s have received their long awaited M2s with shields and the ammunition for indirect fires has been tweaked.

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Alpha 10 (4 / 4)
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Supply Sergeant
Forward Observer
Alpha 1 (10 / 10)
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Automatic Rifleman (RPK-74)
Rifleman AT
Grenadier (RPG-7)
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Team Leader
Gunner/Commander (MT-LB)
Emperor Archaeon
Driver (MT-LB)
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