Weltschmerz - Termit Grumble
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I. Situation
In order to counter a souring public opinion of its leadership at home, the Soviet Union has decided that the way out of the economic crisis is to attempt a last-ditch attack on countries in the Baltic Sea that are not part of NATO.
NATO in turn have decided that enough is enough.

A full-scale assault on the Russian Baltic Fleet in the exclave of Kaliningrad, as well as in the Gulf of Finland is underway, and it is what the Soviets expect to happen and appear to focus on defending against.
In order to enable NATO's assault a special forces mission must be undertaken to disable anti-air and anti-ship missile systems on the occupied island of Suursari.
This is where you come in.

IIA. Enemy Forces
One or more marine infantry companies defend the AShM and SAM batteries present on the island.
Patrols appears to be kept close to the objectives that they are protecting, with few to none dismounted patrols along the shores of the island.
Expect to see sparse mounted patrols conducted with APCs, trucks, or cars along the main roads.
Based on signals intelligence a platoon-sized mounted QRF is based in Suurkylä, supposedly able to be on the move within 5-10 minutes of receiving orders. The type of vehicles used by the QRF have not been determined.

IIB. Friendly Forces
You are one Army Ranger rifle troop, no other friendly units will operate in the area during your raid.
Navy jets will attack the SAM and AShM sites when you have destroyed the radars.

III. Mission
A. Destroy the marine surveillance and targetting radar that is used in tandem with the TERMIT missile batteries. It is deployed atop the highest hill on the island, at an old early warning radar site.
B. Destroy the BAR LOCK radar associated with the S-200 SAM system in order to permit friendly aircrafts to destroy the AShM and SAM missile launchers.

IV. Service & Support
A. Equipment
Standard combat load of ammunition and medical supplies.
Extra boxes for the M249's are carried by other squad members.
The sappers are equipped with wirecutters and explosive charges.
As one of the first units in the Army you are supplied with a MAAWS recoilless rifle. Alpha 3 all carry extra rounds for it.
Supplies are carried in the boats.

B. Medical resources
Simplified advanced medical, elastic bandages only, splints used.
The troop medic carries a PAK.

C. Respawn
AFI Mobile Spawn Point-based respawn, <5-minute* intervals.

No other help as long as the Soviet weapons are still able to target our ships and aircraft, you're on your own!

*Det står 2 i editorn men vi får se om det blir 2 eller 5 automagiskt... skyller det på Finsk magi.

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Alpha 10 (2 / 4)
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Troop Medic
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Alpha 1 (5 / 6)
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Combat Lifesaver
Team Leader
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Squad Leader
Combat Lifesaver
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Rifleman | LAT
Alpha 3 (5 / 6)
Squad Leader
Combat Lifesaver
Operationen har redan varit
Team Leader
MAT Gunner
MAT Loader
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