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Cut Off is back, in POG-form!

The US Socom platoon, tasked with defending the CDF forces in Chernarus, were originally there to provide training and support to the CDF. The region had been experiencing increased tensions and instability, and the US government saw an opportunity to assist the CDF in maintaining peace and stability in the area.

As the training progressed, however, the situation on the ground escalated, with the ChDKZ rebel forces launching a surprise attack and cutting off the US and CDF forces from outside support. With the situation quickly deteriorating, the US Socom platoon found themselves in the middle of a fierce battle to defend the CDF and prevent the ChDKZ from gaining a foothold in the region.

With lives on the line and the fate of the region at stake, the US Socom platoon must use their training and experience to protect the CDF forces and hold off the ChDKZ attackers in this intense and dangerous Arma 3 multiplayer mission.

The defenders are a US Socom platoon with air support, who are cut off and surrounded by enemy forces. Their main objective is to defend the CDF forces and prevent the enemy from getting near the objectives.
To accomplish this, the defenders are equipped with an M1165A1 armed with an M2 or M134, as well as an AH-6M and UH-60M for air support. They also have two CH-47F helicopters for logistics and supply delivery.

The attackers, on the other hand, are ChDKZ forces who are free to choose their attack direction. Their mission is to find and destroy, eliminate or capture multiple objectives, with a bonus objective of pushing the defenders out of the area of operations. They have two mechanized platoons, each equipped with MT-LBs armed with PKT machine guns and some with ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns. Additionally, they have an armor platoon consisting of one T-72B and two BMP-2D vehicles for support.

Join server: 17:45
Slotting: 17:55
Briefing: 18:10
Game start: 18:30
Duration: No hard time limit, but around 3h

General information
Place: AFI ARMA3 event server/ TS server
Scenario type: Team versus Team, Respawn.
Main mods: ACE, RHS, TFAR
Player count: 137

Medical system
ACE advanced medical. Reopening wounds.

The mission is set in Chernarus, with US Socom defending CDF forces and ChDKZ attacking from any direction. Objective for defenders is to prevent enemy from getting near objectives while attackers need to destroy objectives and push defenders out. Both sides have MSP and respawn.


Attending document

AFI quality of life guide

@3cb_factions @afi @afi_ace3 @afi_aresmodachillesexpansion @afi_cba_a3 @afi_dui_squad_radar @afi_nurmi_logistics @afi_tfar_beta @afi_tun_respawn_system @afi_tun_utilities @afi_ws_extras @better_inventory @cup_terrains_core @cup_terrains_maps_2 @improved_craters @rhs_afrf3 @rhs_gref @rhs_saf @rhs_usf3 @ssd_death_screams @vet_unflipping

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Kilo 10 (3 / 4)
Company Commander
Company Second in Command
Logistic Officer
Låst plats
Alpha 1 (9 / 10)
Squad Leader
Team Leader (GP-25)
Machinegunner (PKM)
Emperor Archaeon
Machine Gunner Assistant
Låst plats
Rifleman AT (RPG-26)
Rifleman AT (RPG-26)
Rifleman AT (RPG-26)
Gunner (MT-LB PKT)
Driver (MT-LB PKT)
Alpha 2 (2 / 2)
Driver (MT-LB PKT)
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