Weltschmerz - Mud Huts
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I. Situation
The Afghan National Army Commando School has turned out another batch of Commandos. You are to take them out for their first proper dawn raid.
The Taliban have recently reestablished a fleeting presence in this area. The fighters you can expect to face are a ragtag group of older Mujahideen hailing from the Soviet occupation and younger extremists.

IIA. Enemy Forces
Taliban fighters - lightly armed and equipped but have historically shown themselves to be fierce and cunning guerilla fighters.
You have them cornered here though, so expect them to stand their ground.

IIB. Friendly Forces
4-man ODA team from ODA 535.
20-man troop Afghan National Army Commandos.
Your split ODA-team are, alongside the ANA Commandos, the only forces that operate outside the FOBs in the area this morning.

III Mission
You are to conduct a clearance operation in the ANIZAY area in order to root out the taliban, and to find and destroy the weapon caches and IED workshops that are supposedly found there.

IV Service & Support
a. Equipment
Standard combat load of ammunition.
Utility equipment and more ammunition is carried in your trucks.

Reinforcements and resupply are staged at FOB OBEH. Use HOTEL or your trucks to ferry them back into the fight.

V. Command & Signal
Long Range:
Tactical Air Control Net - Channel 2

Short Range:
Alpha Platoon Net - Channel 5
Alpha - Channel 1
Alpha 1 - Channel 2
Alpha 2 - Channel 3
Oscar - Channel 4

Victory Conditions
Root out the taliban insurgents.

If you at any point take 75% casualties you will be forced to retreat.

Plutonchef ALPHA - Företrädesvis en spelare med lite mindre erfarenhet av att leda en pluton. Här har du som är mindre erfaren en gyllene chans att prova att leda och samordna två eldenheter.
Gruppchef OSCAR - Företrädesvis en spelare med god erfarenhet av att leda en pluton, agerar vägledande och rådgivande. Ej överordnad ALPHA, äger helt sin sjukvårdare, JTAC, och fältarbetaren.

@ace3 @ace3_compat_rhs_afrf3 @ace3_compat_rhs_usf3 @ace3_particles @acex_a3 @adv_ace_splint @anizay @cba_a3 @cup_terrains_core @cup_terrains_maps @project_opfor @rhs_afrf3 @rhs_usf3 @shacktac_user_interface @task_force_radio_dev

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Alpha - ANA (2 / 2)
Alpha 1 (9 / 9)
AR Assistant
Rifleman (LAT)
AR Assistant
Rifleman (LAT)
Alpha 2 (9 / 9)
Oscar - ODA 0535 (4 / 4)
Combat Engineer
Hotel - AH-6M (0 / 1)
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